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Kirby Clements, Jr., is a former prosecutor who has extensive experience handling Driving Under the Influence cases in Georgia.  Kirby used to teach DUI and Vehicular Homicide trial techniques, so he understands the highly technical area of law.  He regularly appears as a legal analyst on national television shows.  Here, he is on Now in America.

Driving under the influence cases are very technical.  Every facet of the case is important.  Why the police stopped you, what happened during the stop, why they decided to arrest you, and what they did during and immediately after your arrest are all areas to be challenged.  In addition, the officer's training and experience as well as that of any other law enforcement agent needs to be explored as well as how the breath test machine was functioning.  Each of these areas is laced with legal landmines and you need a skilled attorney to guide you through.  A conviction for this offense will result in jail, a fine, probation, community service, defensive driving courses, license suspension, in addition to other ramifications on your personal life.    

If you are facing a driving under the influence charge in the Atlanta and surrounding areas, call Kirby Clements, Jr.  404-212-1928

If you were arrested and charged with driving under the influence and you refused to take the state administered breath test or you took the breath test and blew .08 or higher, your drivers license is subject to suspension  through an administrative license suspension.  The police may have served you with notice of intent to suspend your license.  They gave you a form 1205.  Do not be confused, although this form says that it is a 30 day permit, if you do not file your appeal within 10 days, your license will be suspended for a year.

You must appeal and request your administrative license suspension hearing (ALS) within 10 days or you will not be able to drive for a year.  You have to pay a fee of $150.00 to the Department of Drivers Services along with your appeal.

We handle these ALS hearings and file the appeal for you and we will appear to represent you at this hearing.  We will also file discovery in this hearing as well.  The evidence we find in the ALS hearing can help you win the criminal case.

If you were arrested but just want us to file the appeal and handle administrative license suspension hearing, we charge a modest fee.


City of Atlanta:  Client stopped for speeding by Georgia State Patrol and charged with Driving under the Influence.  Result:  Reduced to Reckless Driving

Fulton County:  Client was stopped at a police roadblock and charged with DUI.  Result:  Reduced to Reckless Driving.

Dekalb County:  Underage driver involved in single car accident.  Police took his blood at the hospital and he was found to have a high B.A.C.  After a hearing, Case Dismissed.

Rockdale County:  Client stopped for making an illegal u-turn in Conyers.  This was his second offense in five years.  Kirby filed a motion to dismiss and after a hearing Kirby won a suppression of the State's key evidence.  Case dismissed after a hearing.

Fulton County:  Client stopped for failure to maintain lane.  He took the breath test and had a high B.A.C.  and there was a video tape.  Kirby filed a motion to suppress in this case.  He was able to show that the officer did not have probable cause to stop the client.  Case dismissed.

Hall County:  Client was stopped at a roadblock in Hall County.  The State Patrol trooper that stopped her was new.  She refused to perform any field sobriety tests and was arrested.  After charging her, he improperly advised her of her implied consent rights.  Kirby filed an ALS appeal and saved her drivers license and later had the DUI charges dismissed.

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  1. They want a lawyer that is committed to fighting the case.
  2. They want a lawyer that is not afraid to  stand up to the judge, the prosecutor or  the police officer.
  3. They want a lawyer that will be honest  about how the case is looking.
  4. They want a lawyer that is accessible.
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