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If you or a loved one are facing any criminal prosecution or investigation, whether it is Federal, State, Felony or Misdemeanor, you want a defense attorney that is fearless, skilled in criminal law, and respected. You want the Clements Law Group to defend you. 

Every Criminal Case Is Serious

Every criminal case is serious.  Felonies can result in imprisonment for years, loss of the right to vote, loss of the right to bear arms and make getting a job nearly impossible.

Misdemeanors Can Result in Jail and Hefty Fines

Misdemeanors can result in jail for up to a year per offense and fines from $1,000-$5,000.  If the offense is for theft or shoplifting, getting a job is virtually impossible as no one wants to hire a thief.

Case Examples

Million dollar theft charge dismissed

In Webster County, our client was a successful business owner who had been accused of stealing over 1 million dollars from a business supplier. Kirby filed motions challenging the legality of the charge and had fought depositions issued against his client in a related Bankruptcy case. After fighting the case on multiple fronts, the State finally dismissed the case.

Credit Card Theft charges dropped

In Douglas County, our client had been stopped by the police for allegedly failing to maintain his lane.  His case presented the classic case of DWB (driving while black).  The police stopped him and claimed to smell freshly burning marijuana coming from his car and proceeded to search his vehicle.  They never tested him for drug use and never found any signs of drugs.  After he was indicted based on a credit card that was found on the floor of his car, he hired us.  Kirby was able to convince the prosecutor to dismiss the felony charges on the first day of court.

New Mother Facing Deportation is spared

In Gwinnett County, our client was a recent immigrant who was accused of striking her husband repeatedly while they were in the parking lot of a store.  A police officer claimed to have been an eye witness.  The client had recently given birth and was recently divorced from the victim.  The prosecutor wanted her to take a plea to a misdemeanor which would have resulted in her being deported.  We were able to get her into a pretrial diversion program and she was spared from deportation.

Aggravated Assault Charge Dismissed

In Fulton County, our client was accused by his soon to be ex-wife of dousing her with gasoline at a gas station.  She was trying to gain an advantage in their divorce case.  He came to us after his previous lawyer had been unsuccessful in his efforts to get the charges dismissed.  Kirby filed a challenge to the indictment and got some charges dismissed.  In addition, Kirby was able to get the client’s bond conditions changed so that he could have visitation with his children.  After further investigation, Kirby was able to demonstrate that the medical evidence did not corroborate the claim.  Ultimately, the case was dismissed and the client was eligible to get his record expunged.

Not Guilty child molestation

In Fulton County, our client was accused of molesting his step-daughter.  He had no prior criminal history and had been a loving father figure.  At trial Kirby showed that the Child had stated that “her Nana told her to say it happened”.  He then showed that throughout the investigation everyone had continually exposed the child to their theories of what happened and that caused her to adopt their versions.  No medical evidence supported the claims, and our expert witness suggested that the child was merely repeating what she had heard.  The jury found our client not guilty!

Not guilty sexual battery

In Dekalb County, our client, a juvenile, was charged with two counts of sexual battery.  Two students accused him of the assaults at school.  Kirby was able to show the the girls had lied to police about not knowing each other and in fact knew each other.  He was able to get one to admit to perjuring herself in the middle of cross examination.  He also introduced evidence that the other witness had lied in court by introducing her social media posts.  After a lengthy bench trial, his client was found not guilty!

Murder Charge Dismissed against high school student

Our client was at a skating rink until it closed.  Afterwards, shots were fired and someone was killed.  During this time, our client’s car had broken down and he was trying to have it fixed.  He was implicated as the shooter and arrested.  After an exhaustive investigation, we were able to show that the actual shooter was still on the loose. Case dismissed

Faulty Identification leads to Murder Dismissal

Our client left a nightclub and shortly thereafter shots rang out.  Our client was in the area and trying to get away just like every other innocent bystander.  Two witnesses identified our client.  At a hearing, we were able to destroy that identification and obtained a dismissal.

Arson and Insurance Fraud Charges dropped

 In Newton County, our client was accused with falsely reporting his car stolen and setting it on fire.  Law enforcement turned the car over to the insurance company who had to pay the $40,000 claim.  They destroyed the car so no further testing could be done to prove the client’s innocence.  Kirby did a financial history of the client and was able to show that the client not have a motive.  In addition, he was able to secure the testimony of a master mechanic to demonstrate that the car could have been towed by the real thieves and that had the vehicle been kept, as required by law, tests would have proven that it was towed.  The result: Case Dismissed.

Bench trial conviction reversed on Appeal

Our client came to us after being convicted in Douglas County.  The case presented a horrific case of a victim of identity theft being charged and convicted of the crimes committed by the actual thief.  Kirby was able to get the conviction reversed.  See Campbell v. State, 648 S.E.2d 684, 286 Ga. App. 72..

There are numerous other examples. Your case could be one.

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