Repossession & Credit Card Suit


You may have fallen on hard times and had your car repossessed. Later on you received the shock of your life when the sheriff or process server delivered a copy of a lawsuit to your home or job. That is not only humiliating, but it is scary!

Do NOT Be Frightened

Many people are so scared when this happens that they panic and do not file an answer the case. Others do something just as bad and try to file their own Answer. Sadly, these people are most likely going to lose their case. Failing to answer results in a default.

Choose Your Words Carefully

Answering and saying the wrong thing can result in a judgment on the pleadings because they have admitted owing the money. Others manage to file a sufficient answer and go to court and either lose at trial or agree to pay. They do not know that these cases can be won.

Tools to Defeat a Repossession Case

Creditors must send you a certified letter within 10 days of the repossession notifying you of your right to redeem the car and to request a public sale.


CLAIM YOUR LETTER. Not claiming your letter is not defense


DECIDE do you want a public auction or private sale. At a public auction you can go and see how the sale is conducted or get bidders to go.



MAKE NOTES of all communication from the company and of any sale.

There are defenses to these cases, but you need to hire an experienced lawyer that will raise the technical defenses to win. Many times, the debt collector that is suing you does not have the evidence to prove that they have the right to sue you or they do not have the evidence needed to win their case.

We have watched many people go into court and try to fight these cases themselves. Most times they end up paying money on cases that they could have won, if they had hired a lawyer. Not fighting guarantees a loss. Call us if you want a fighting chance.

Lots of people worry about legal fees. Our fees are reasonable. Our client's save money by hiring us. Can you afford to have your wages garnished or you bank account garnished after a judgment? Can you afford to pay them the full amount that they want?

There are numerous other examples. Your case could be one.

Contact us today . So you won’t regret it tomorrow.